A Couple of Eagles @ Eagles Crossing

Gettysburg Junior Golf Shootout


Carlisle, Pennsylvania, April 29th, 2024 — Buckeye Junior Golf Tour was at Eagles Crossing Golf Club for the 2nd year in a row. This course offers up some tremendous views of the surrounding mountains. Along with that comes major elevation changes and some challenging holes. The Conodoguinet Creek runs through a couple of the holes finalizing the layout for this American style course. Let’s see who was able to cross the finish line for a Win in this week’s press release.


You probably noticed Julie Baum out there with her camera taking pictures during the tournament. Julie is a great photographer and should have pictures up for the tournament in the next couple of days.


Round 1 – Saturday, April 27th — Anddddddd, back we go to some bad weather. Some rain was in the forecast and it made the course play a little harder with the wet conditions.


The Boys 15-19 were struggling the most with the hardest Par-3 on the golf course, Hole-16. Sitting at 190-yards this is a long Par-3. Conodoguinet Creek comes in to play some defense on the hole with the water hazard running right across the hole. The green is extremely tiny as well making accuracy a key point. The green also features a bunker on the left side completing a trifecta of toughness for the Par-3. Less than 30% of the field were able to pick up a Par on the hole. The easiest hole for the Boys 15-19 in Round 1 was the 6th-Hole. This is a short 310-yard, Par-4. That distance is just too easy for these hard swinging older Boys. Sitting at the 12th-handicap this hole does offer up defense in other ways other than distance. Once again you have Conodoguinet Creek guarding a green as it strafes across the middle of the fairway. The large bunker on the left side of the green is what can really give you some trouble so best to stay right. Thankfully the green is rather large so playing it off towards that side should not be a problem. Birdies from Lydon Patascher from Effort, Pennsylvania and Joshua Topper from Bedford, Pennsylvania led the Division and helped to make this hole play the easiest in Round 1. After Round 1 Logan Francis from Annville, Pennsylvania was our Leader shooting an awesome +1. Logan was followed by a duo of great players in Nick Baum from Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania and Nevan Graham from Honey Brook, Pennsylvania.


The Boys 10-14 started out a little rough in Round 1, finding Hole-2 to be playing the toughest on the day. This 345-Yard, Par-4 is the 8th-handicap so it does have some spots where you can get into some trouble. Conodoguinet Creek comes into play again on this hole as it sits about 50 yards off the tee box. Easily achievable to get over. It does seem interesting that Conodoguinet is getting featured so much out at Eagles Crossing. The other hard thing about this hole is that its features probably the toughest dog-leg on the course. The dog-leg adds some distance and if you don’t hit it just right it can be extremely tough to make the green on your 2nd shot. If harder is the fact that a large bunker sits on the left side of the green making it that much harder if you land on the wrong side of the dog-leg. Thankfully, the green is very large and if you do play the hole well on your first two shots it will make for an easy Par. Coltin Kauffman from Dover, Pennsylvania did just that and led the Division with a Par. The Boys 10-14 were able to take some notes from the Boys 15-19 on the Hole-6, as they also played this hole the best in Round 1. This hole was coughing up tons of Pars and Birdies throughout the weekend. Nolan Sweigart from Lancaster, Pennsylvania earned the Birdie on the hole for the Boys 10-14 to lead the charge. We all knew that Coltin Kauffman was going to land at the top of the leaderboard very soon, he is just too good of a player and after Round 1 at Eagles Crossing he was tops on the leaderboard. Coltin was followed by a duo of Nolan Sweigart and Colin Hanley making the trip all the way from Arlington, Virginia. Round 2 was shaping up to have everyone on their seats for this Division.


Round 2 – Sunday, April 28th– Some major Fog and overcast skies early in the Morning broke through to some Sunshine later in the day for Round 2.


The Boys 15-19 just could not master Hole-16 throughout the tournament. It was once again, playing as the toughest hole in Round 2. However, the Division as a whole did get better on it as about 38% of the field were able to pick up a Par on the Hole in Round 2. Hole-6 was once again getting shredded. It was playing the easiest for the Boys 15-19 in Round 2. This is a must Birdie hole for players as tons of players were picking up great scores on the hole. The Boys 15-19 actually took it below-par in Round 2! 25% of the field picked up some well-deserved Birdies! In the end it was Logan Francis taking home the Champion Trophy Flag. After a great tournament out at Briarwood a couple of weeks ago Logan has been in tremendous form. His 76 in Round 2 was the 2nd best score of the Round. That makes 3 out of 4 Rounds for him this year in the 70’s. Logan’s 26 Pars or Better led the Division, showing off his consistency and his ability to go low when the course offered it. Logan’s main statistic to his win was the way he was absolutely crushing the ball off the tee. Logan went -4 on the Par-5’s in the tournament, to lead the Division, with 4 Pars and 4 Birdies on those holes. Congratulations to the Conodoguinet Creek King Logan on taking home his first Career BJGT Victory! Nick Baum knows the top of the leaderboard well and this weekend was no different. He came in as our Runner-Up. Nick’s Eagle on 18 in Round 1 was an amazing finish to the first day of the tournament and helped to give him some confidence going into Round 2. This was shown as he came back in Round 2 and Birdied the 1st-Hole of the day. Not only can Nick Eagle long Par-5’s but he also has the accuracy to boot. He led the Division on Par-3’s. Congratulations to Nick on a fantastic tournament and for earning his 4th Trophy Flag in a BJGT tournament!


Hole-10 one of the hardest holes at Eagles Crossing was getting the best of the Boys 10-14 in Round 2 as it was playing as the toughest hole. This is a long 400-yard, Par-4. Sitting at the 3rd-handicap the holes only real defense is how long the hole plays. It also has a small green that makes distance approach shots even harder. A Bogey from Colin Hanley was enough to lead the Division on the hole. Let’s complete the quadfecta here as Hole-6 was once again playing the easiest. The Boys 10-14 took it under-par! A trio of Birdies were earned on the hole making this the best played hole in any BJGT tournament for the 2024 Season. Awesome job to all players for continuously challenging Hole-6 throughout the tournament. In the end it was Coltin Kauffman going wire-to-wire to earn his 2nd Career BJGT Victory! Coltin was extremely consistent and took his chances when they were offered up at Eagles Crossing Golf Course this weekend, leading the Division in Pars or Better. Coltin’s main statistic for his Champion performance this weekend was his accuracy. He led the Division on the Par-3’s. Congratulations to Coltin on a fantastic tournament and earning himself his first BJGT Champion Trophy Flag of the 2024 Season! We had a tie for our Runner-Up position. Logan Stoney and Colin Hanley both were able to come in with great scores to share the Runner-Up Flag. Colin’s game focused on consistency as he was the leader on the Par-4’s in the tournament. Colin also had back-to-back Birdies on Holes 5-6 in Round 2 to keep pace with Coltin at the top of the leaderboard. Congratulations to Colin on a fantastic tournament. Logan Stoney is no stranger to the top of a leaderboard as he earns his 2nd Runner-Up trophy flag to go along with 2 Champion Trophy flags for the 2024 Season. Logan was crushing the ball off the tee per usual as he was the leader for the Division on the Par-5’s. Logan was able to grab his Runner-Up finish by going on a Bogey-Free-Streak the final 3-Holes of the tournament. Congratulations on a great tournament once again Logan!


Thank you to everyone for joining us at Eagles Crossing this weekend. We are about one-third of the way through the 2024 Season and the Player of the Year Points are really starting to come together. Remember that those really come in handy when trying to get your invite to the 2024 Buckeye Cup. Next up we have our tournaments Reston National and the always high turnout great competition of Oakmont Green. We hope to see you there!


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