Junior Golf Scoreboard

Created in 1998, the Junior Golf Scoreboard is a valuable resource for anyone following or participating in the competitive world of junior golf. We automatically rank all junior golf players, free of charge, if the following requirements are met:

  1. Have competed in 4 multi-day stroke play tournaments or multi-round match play qualifiers, with a total of 8 completed 18-hole rounds which have been played in the last 365 days
  2. Still be in high school or prior to August 1st after graduation
  3. Have competed in an age group that is scheduled for 36 holes and conducted under the USGA rules of golf

How are the Rankings calculated?

Ranking Percentages

Individual Scoring

Using each round individually, we use 75 % of the player’s lowest round scoring differentials (Score – course rating). This is simply the average difference of their individual round scores compared to the USGA rating of the course for their tournament rounds completed in the last rolling 365 days. In other words, how well does this player score vs the difficulty of the golf course when playing in tournaments.

Strength of Field

The number displayed here is the result of our proprietary ranking formula that determines a score for all the tournaments played by this individual. Again, simply put, a lower number means they played against stronger players and the closer two players’ strength numbers are, the more similar the competitiveness of their tournaments.

Strength of Finish

Is computed based on the number of players in the field and the strength of tournament. If you win an overall combined age group competition or if you win an age group not part of an overall competition, you get credit for a win. (Winning an age group that is part of an overall competition does not qualify for a win). If there are 10 or more players who finish in your age group and you finish 2nd thru 5th for that tournament, you receive credit in the Top 5 column. If there are 20 or more players who finish in your age group and you finish 6th thru 10th for that tournament, you receive credit in the Top 10 column. You only receive one credit in these columns per tourney played in.


Course Condition Adjustment

From time to time courses do not play as they are rated particularly when comparing different areas of the country during the same months of the year (i.e Michigan vs Florida). This discrepancy can include:

  • Weather
  • Course setup
  • Dry or wet fairways and greens
  • Yardage played or mistakenly reported
  • Very favorable conditions
  • Fast or slow greens
  • Course redesign and not re-rated
  • Recent re-rating,
  • Or other factors such as USGA slope which we do not use

To account for these conditions, the Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings (c) will now include a round by round Course Condition Adjustment (CCA) for events beginning October 31st, 2020 or later. Please note, no specific numerical value is assigned to these conditions. Please click here to see our methodology.

2018 JGS College-Bound Signees: 968 | Boys: 581 Girls: 387

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For more information, visit us at www.juniorgolfscoreboard.com to locate your next tournament to compete in using our Tournament Search feature that comprehensively lists junior tournaments in and around your area that will be ranked at the Junior Golf Scoreboard.

Global Junior Golf Rankings

This is the most comprehensive Junior Golf Ranking site in the world. Global Junior Golf Rankings ™ rank one-day and multi-day tournaments by state and region in over 240 countries for players ages 5-19.

How to Get Ranked

In order for an individual to be ranked by Global Junior Golf Rankings ™, they must compete in events that adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Must be between the ages of 5-19 years old
  2. Must have competed in two or more one-day or multi-day stroke play tournaments with the following:
    • Total of five players or more in each division
    • Completed two 18-hole rounds with no-stroke-limit rule in place for the 10-19 age division
    • The events must have been completed and results submitted; within one calendar year, including all matching players info (i.e., name, city, state, and country)

How the Rankings are Calculated:

We use four criteria to compute a player’s overall ranking and their ranking within their graduation class.

Overall Ranking Percentage

Tournament Score

After all of the tournament results are submitted, the rankings are calculated excluding the 20% of a players scoring differential. This 80% is the players score compared to the yardage and difficulty of the course. This is also the average difference of their individual round scores compared to their tournament rounds completed in the last one-year period.


The number displayed, is the result of a player playing against another competitor in the same GJGR tournament. This criteria counts for 10% of a player’s ranking calculation.

Top-Five Finish

This criteria displays the finishes for a player. Top-Five Finishes counts 5% in the ranking computation, which means the more tournaments a competitor finishes in the top-five, he receives credit for the Finish.


The weather criteria* will be 5% of a player’s ranking calculation and will be determined as follows: