Pace of Play

BJGT’s Pace of Play Policy is very important and must be followed. As we continue to grow, POP is crucial to ensure we finish in a timely manner and allow public play to have the opportunity to do the same. It also allows us to maintain relationships with the courses to be able to come back each season.  Please read and follow our POP Policy so there is no need for warnings or penalty strokes.

Timelines for each hole are based on the Par of the hole. Although they are averages, it is important to stay within or close to the time frames to keep a steady pace of play. Timelines for each hole are as follows:

Par Timeline
Par 5 18 minutes
Par 4 15 minutes
Par 3 12 minutes

The first group will be considered on the clock as soon as the first player has begun play on their 1st hole. If the 1st hole is a Par 5 for example, the first group will have approximately 18 minutes to finish the hole. The second group, and all subsequent groups, should report to the starting hole 10 minutes prior to their listed tee-time.

Stay on the group in front of you! That is the easiest way to stay on pace and avoid warnings.

If at any time the first group falls behind the allotted times they will be considered out of position and could be subject to the “First Offense” discipline listed below.

After receiving a “First Offense” discipline, the group will be monitored by a BJGT staff member. The group will have 2 holes to get back into position, or on pace. If they fail to do so, a “Second Offense” discipline will be issued, see below. A BJGT Staff member will continue to monitor your progress every 2 holes to make sure that you are making progress towards getting back into position.

Subsequent Groups will have the same timing structure per hole as the first group.  They will be considered in position if they are through their hole in the allotted times and do not have an entire hole open ahead of them. If at any point these two requirements are not met then they will be subject to the “First Offense” discipline.

If your group continues to remain out of position after receiving a “Second Offense”, additional disciplinary actions may occur. Please see below for disciplinary actions associated with failing Pace of Play Requirements:

Offense Action
1st Offense Verbal Warning
2nd Offense 1 Stroke Penalty
3rd Offense 2 Stroke Penalty
Additional Offenses Potential DQ

Lost Ball

According to USGA Rules for 2019, players are permitted approximately 3 minutes (previously 5 min) to search for a lost ball. Please use this as a guide to maintain good POP.