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A Diamond in the Ridge

Baltimore Junior Golf Championship presented by: confidio

Woodlawn, MD, November 1st, 2021 —BJGT was in Baltimore County this weekend playing at the great American Style Diamond Ridge Golf Course. Our final stroke-play tournament of the 2021 season was a great one, read below on who earned themselves a nice shiny win at Diamond Ridge.

              Round 1 – Saturday, October 30th — Friday was rain soaked and windy so it was no surprise that there was some temporary water on the course. However, the sun came out and it ended up being a beautiful crisp Fall Afternoon.    

          The Boys 15-19 started off the tournament a little cold, finding Hole-1 to be playing the toughest in Round 1. 404-Yards is on the longer side for a Par-4 and with OB looming to the right you simply had to stay in the fairway on this hole. The first hole offers you a glimpse to the entire course as accuracy is key out at Diamond Ridge. A Birdie from Dylan Ramsey from Lebanon, PA led the Division. As bad as the Boys started off the Front-9 they ended it in a completely opposite way, playing Hole-9 the best in Round 1. A long windy Par-5, Hole-9 is just like all the others out at Diamond Ridge. Pick your landing zone and put your ball there and you will usually have yourself a chance at Birdie. More than 33% of the field picked up much deserved Birdies on Hole-9. Dylan Ramsey continued his amazing 2021 Season leading the Division with a +2 (73). Dylan was followed closely behind by rising star Ryan Durborow from Sykesville, MD and local Malachi Walker from Baltimore, MD who shot 77’s.  


The Boys 10-14 must have watched the Boys 15-19 struggle on the 1st-hole because they were also having the most trouble with that hole. A Double Bogey from Patrick Carl from Mt. Airy, MD led the group. The Boys 10-14 in crazy fashion also found the 9th-hole to be playing the easiest. They went under Par as a Division on the hole, Wow! Birdies from Patrick and Jesse Shue from Columbia, PA helped to really lower the average. Patrick Carl came in with the Clubhouse lead shooting an amazing +3, 74!

            Round 2 – Sunday, October 31st – About the exact same weather as Round 1 with a little stronger wind coming in that made the accuracy that much harder to find on Diamond Ridge.  

      The Boys 15-19 were having trouble with one of the easiest holes on the course the short, 146-yard, 17th-handicap, Par-3 8th-hole. The difficulty with this hole in Round 2 was the wind that was barreling in at this time. You have to hit the ball straight up from the tee box and with swirling gusts it was grabbing balls and slinging them in sand traps and into the hazards that surround the hole. Dustin Stocksdale, From Ellicott (Ellikit as Marylanders might pronounce it) City, MD and our 2020 Player of the Year for the Boys 15-19 Division led the Division with his Birdie on the hole. Putting that one in for Dustin made it Back-to-Back Birdies for him on Holes 7-8. The Boys got into a groove early in this Round playing Hole-2 the best in Round 2. This is a cut and dry hole. Once again, just stay in the fairway and avoid the large sand traps surrounding the green and you will have a good score. About 15% of the field picked up Birdies. In the end it was Dylan Ramsey going wire-to-wire to take home the Champion Flag. This was Dylan’s 2nd win of the 2021 Season. This was a huge win for Dylan as he earned himself 2022 Player of the Year with the win. It was a great Birthday week for Dylan, his Steelers won, he won the Baltimore Junior Golf Championship and he won BJGT 2022 Player of the Year. Congratulations on a fantastic season Dylan who placed in the Top-10 in 9/10 tournaments. This kid is only 14 years old people watch out, he is going to be a leader on tour for many years to come! Seeing as Dylan earned our 2022 Player of the Year it was only fitting that our 2021 Player of the Year Dustin Stocksdale would come in as our Runner-Up. Dustin is tremendous in his own right winning the Baltimore Junior Golf Shootout this season and finishing 4/6 tournaments in the Top-5. Two of our favorite kids on the Buckeye Tour finishing the year in tremendous fashion. Congratulations Boys!

           The Boys 10-14 found the 2nd-hardest hole on the course to be playing the toughest in Round 2. The hole is extremely long for a Par-4, sitting at 412-Yards. Trying to add distance to your drive might be a bad idea because going off to the left or right will put you into trees. The elevated green is tough to approach with the large bunkers that surround it. A couple of Bogeys from Patrick Carl and Jesse Shue led the group. The Boys dominated Hole-17. A weird handicap of 8 for a 105-Yard, Par-3 doesn’t seem right but that’s what it is. Taking 2-holes in a row at under-par with 16 and 17. Patrick Carl was phenomenal throughout the tournament His 72 in Round 2 was the lowest score out of anyone in the tournament. He was outstanding on the Front-9 getting himself into a leadership position early and never giving it up. Great tournament Patrick! Jesse Shue was our Division Runner-Up. Jesse earns himself something we have only seen once before on tour with back-to-back player of the years in 2020 and 2021. Jesse got nothing lower than 3rd in all 9 of his tournaments this season. He collected 2 Wins along the way. Congratulations on another fantastic year Jesse. We will see both Patrick and Jesse next week competing for Team Maryland and Team Eastern Pennsylvania in the Buckeye Cup!

         It was our final stroke play tournament of the season. We want to thank everyone so much for another great year out on Buckeye Junior Golf Tour. This being our 4th year of the tour we saw many of our kids that started with us Year 1 go onto graduate this year. We saw tons of players continue their golf careers into the college level. Congrats to all you that decided to do that. We saw many many new faces and made some great new relationships that we will continue for years. Our 2022 Schedule should be coming out sometime in early December. We always extend an Early Bird Special of $25 off tournaments during this time and many people take advantage of this great opportunity if they plan on coming back next year. We are really excited for our Buckeye Cup that is taking place this weekend at the Jones Course at Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, West Virginia. Follow along with matches, scores and which region comes out on top on the tournament information page. Thank you to all of wonderful players, parents, spectators and courses for a fantastic 2021 Season!




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