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Breaking Records at Briarwood

York Junior Golf Championship

               York, PA, April 11, 2022 — BJGT was back at Briarwood for the 5th year in a row this weekend. Fun fact this was the first tournament we ever booked with the tour way back in 2018. It was a weekend of record breakers and some crazy weather. Briarwood’s American style golf course always offers up some of the best scores of the season. Let’s see who was able to come out on top in this week’s press release.  

              Round 1 – Saturday, April 9th — Once again the weather was just no cooperating this weekend. We had pretty cold temperatures mixed with some hail and rain.

              Usually you don’t see a Par-3 being the toughest hole in a Round but that is exactly what happened to our Boys 15-19. Hole-3 stayed true to its #5 handicap and played to higher than a Bogey average. Sitting at 160-yard hitting this dime sized green can prove to be very difficult. In addition, you have to clear a small creek of water, so don’t miss short. Less than 25% of the field was able to find a Par on this hole. The easiest hole in Round 1 for our Boys 15-19 was the 2nd-easiest hole on the course the Par-5, 17th-hole. This hole actually played under-par for the Boys 15-19 in Round 1. OB Left and Lateral Penalty area on your right make for a tight window into a dog-leg, but the hole’s 486-yard distance is easy to overcome if you land your drive in a great spot. Lane Krosse from York, PA would use his Eagle on this hole to distance himself from the field. Leading the Pack after Round 1 was Lane Krosse with his absolutely amazing -4 in Round 1. In the process Lane tied Ben Sagger’s score at last years Tour Championship tying the BJGT All-Time 18-Hole Scoring Record of -4. Lane also tied Evan Twyman’s -4 9-Hole record that he set at South Hills last year. Way to cement yourself into the record books Lane! Lane was followed closely behind by previous Champion at this course Colin Vineberg from Sparks, MD who shot a 72, Even Par.

              The hardest hole for the Girls 14-19 was the short Par-4, 6th hole. A tough pin placement and hitting up hill can be intimidating on your approach shot and that is exactly what this hole had to offer. Elle Overly from Lititz, PA and our Player of the Year Winner for the Girls in 2021 was the only player in the field able to Par the hole. The Girls did get some strokes back before Hole-6 on Hole-5. They played that hole the best in Round 1. Sitting on top of the hill this short Par-5 can really be taken advantage of by crushing a drive. A green that sloped back to front can be easily landed on with a well thought out approach shot. Lane Krosse’s younger sister Bryn Krosse from York, PA was our youngest player in the field this weekend and managed to Birdie this Par-5! You may remember Bryn from last year when she got her first career Hole-in-One at Briarwood. Madison Koshko from State College, PA played an extremely consistent and great Round 1 leading the group with her 78. She was followed closely behind by Elle Overly with a 79.

              Round 2 – Sunday, April 10th – The weather was somehow even colder in Round 2 than Round 1. Thankfully, we only had one spurt of hail this time. Our players are so tough and good that every single player that started Round 2 finished. Extremely impressive everyone!

              Hole-10 was playing the toughest for the Boys 15-19 in Round 2. Hole-10 is medium tough. It is flat as a pancake but has an extremely small green. The driving range sits to the right and lateral penalty area sits way left. Sitting down right in the middle of the fairway should allow for an easy approach shot. However, fast gusting winds were coming in about this time and Hole-10 has nothing to stop those large gusts, the main reason it was playing so tough. Jesse Shue from Columbia, PA and our 2021 Boys 10-14 Player of the Year was the only Boy 15-19 to Birdie the hole in Round 2. A BJGT first happened this weekend with Grey Conta from Hummelstown, PA chipping in twice in two consecutive holes. What a really cool stat to take home Grey! The easiest Hole in Round 2 was once again Hole-17. This hole is always offering up tons of Birdies from our Buckeye-Black Tees. 33% of the field picked up a Birdie on Hole-17. Lane Krosse was just to strong all weekend, coming in as our Champion. Lane earns himself an invite to the Notah Begay Regional Qualifier. 1 AJGA PBE Star. An invite to the Future Champions Collegiate World Championship in California. In addition to an invite to the Champion of Champions in Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom. Winning Briarwood wins you so many accolades and Lane deserves every bit of it. In addition to his records mentioned earlier Lane was just a Birdie machine throughout the tournament. He led his division with 8 Birdies, 9 Par Breakers and 29 Pars or Better in the 36 Holes. Lane had a clean sweep of the holes, doing the best in Par-3’s, Par-4’s and Par-5’s this is the first time this has ever been done on tour as well. Lane’s 11-Hole Bogey Free Streak starting on Hole 9 in Round 1 and going all the way to Hole-1 in Round 2 also led the division. So much to talk about with Lane’s game this weekend I am starting to run out of room. It was a fantastic tournament all-around for him and we will be cheering him on in all the qualifiers he may attend after winning the tournament. Colin Vineberg continued his strong run as well earning the Runner-Up flag. Colin led the Boys 15-19 with the Most Pars, with 26. Colin knows Briarwood well and won this tournament 5 years ago when he was in the Boys 10-14 Division. Colin also earned himself a qualifying spot into the Notah Begay Regional Qualifier, an invitation to the Future Champions World Championship and a spot into the Champion of Champions. Congratulations on a fantastic tournament Colin!

              Hole-14 was the toughest Hole for the Girls in Round 2. This is a long downhill Par-3. The Par-3’s out at Briarwood are extremely tough and they are made even tougher with any wind. Well, there was plenty of that in Round 2. Landing on this small green is hard and going off the green left or right will end you in a very steep bunker. Madison Koshko and Willow Dixon from Mechanicsburg, PA were the only players in the Girls Division to Par this Hole in Round 2. Hole-11 one of the hardest holes on the course was the easiest hole for the Girls in Round 2. This is probably the most elevated green on the course so a huge well-done to the Girls for playing this hole so well in the wind. Staying in the fairway on your drive and then playing a perfect approach is the only way to shoot well on this hole. That is exactly what 75% of the Girls field did in Round 2. Elle Overly was phenomenal in the tough weather of Round 2 and was able to gain the Champion flag for the Girls. This is Elle’s 5th time getting the Champion Flag in a BJGT tournament! Wow, that is awesome. Elle had the typical winning recipe having the Most Pars and playing the Par-4’s the best in the tournament. Really it was Elle’s Par-4 play that led her the top with the next closest competitor to her being 13-strokes behind. Well done on another Champion flag Elle! Madison Koshko a newcomer to BJGT and just turning 14, earned herself the Runner-Up Flag. Madison has great short-game, which is much-needed on the tough Par-3’s at Briarwood. She led the Division on the Par-3’s. Her Birdie streak on Holes-2 and 3 in Round 1 put a grip on the top spot on the Leaderboard for most of the tournament. Great job Madison!

             Another amazing year out at Briarwood Golf Clubs. This tournament always has some of the best talent we see on tour. In addition to the talent the rankings and qualifiers that we have received with this tournament will benefit BJGT players for years to come. We love the coming out to Eastern Pennsylvania and will continue having awesome tournaments out there for everyone that can make it to these events.




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