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Let’em Fly at PB Dye

Baltimore Junior Golf Shootout

              Ijamsville, MD July, 29th 2021 — The first year ever at PB Dye Golf Club in Ijamsville for BJGT and it did not disappoint. Voted as one of the best and most hard courses in Maryland this course is riddled with tricky shots and lots of hazard, we have come accustomed to out in the Mid-Atlantic. Let’s see who was able to navigate this tough terrain in our 2nd press release of the week.

              Round 1 – Tuesday, July 27th — It did not feel any cooler as we moved up from Washington DC area to Southern Maryland. The humidity felt like a scorcher out on the course.  

          The Boys 15-19 were having the most trouble with the difficult and long 468-yard, Par-4, 5th-hole. 7 large bunkers are speckled around this hole and each of them can be landed in with a different kind of shot. The large dog-leg needs to be hit right in the center to give any chance at a Par. Any drive off to the left will most likely land you into one of the bunkers. Grass traps surround the green so make sure to put your ball right in the center of it if you don’t want to deal with these nuisances. Under 15% of the field found Pars on this bear. The Boys dominated one of the more difficult holes on the course the Par-5, 12th-hole. This Par-5 is under 500-yards which allows most of our big hitting older Boys to attack this hole. Woods sit all the way down the left side of the hole which is really its only defense. Laying up and playing your 3rd shot in at 170-yards is probably the best option here as there 4 bunkers surrounding the hole. An easy birdie can be made if you know your distances and let your ball roll up on the humungous green. About 18% of the field found a Birdie in Round 1 here. Dustin Stocksdale from Ellicott City, MD continues to impress shooting an Even (72) in Round 1. Dustin was the winner of the 2020 Player of the Year and is looking to retain his title. Evan Twyman from Hanover, PA shot a Round +1 (73) to finish right behind Dustin. Evan was the Runner-Up after a playoff against Lane Krosse at the Gettysburg Junior Golf Classic back in June.

          The Girls 14-19 always seem to stay true to the course handicap. They found the hardest hole in Round 1 to be the 2nd-hardest hole on the course. The extremely tough 322-yard, Par-4, 15th-hole. I am not sure we have ever seen a dog-leg this big on tour. The dog-leg adds an extra 70-yards to this tough hole and there’s no way around it. There are 2 really large bunkers one sitting in front of the fairway to take away the short way to the hole and one off left right where the dog-leg bends to make sure you aren’t trying to just blast the ball into a safe area. Yikes, this hole is brutal! Bogeys from Jennifer Sorkin from Westminster, MD and Angela Chen from Potomac, MD were enough to lead the group. The Girls went under-par as a field on the 17th-hole out at PB Dye in Round 1. 8 Bunkers are plotted around this hole and most of them are very large. Just stay in the middle of the fairway and play this hole as it should be played and Birdie opportunities will be present. Leela Kenwood also from Potomac, MD and Angela Chen both did just that and picked up their Birdies. These Girls are fun to watch coming from the same town and over the weekend tied for Runner-Up at 1757 Golf Club. Jennifer Sorkin led the field with a Round 1 +9 (81). She was followed closely behind by Leela Kenwood with a +17 (89).

             Round 2 – Sunday, July 28th – It was scorching hot once again, better than the rain, I guess!

            The Boys were having the most trouble with Hole-13 in Round 2. A relatively easy hole that is once again made difficult by a large dog-leg and bunkers. PB why you gotta make even your easy holes hard! Only around 20% of the field picked up Pars on this hole. The Boys took some notes from the Girls in Round 1 and played Hole-17 the best in Round 2. Over 25% of the field took advantage of this Par-5 and picked up Birdies. Dustin Stocksdale kept a tight grip on his lead throughout the entire tournament and came in as our Champion! Dustin once again shot a 72 to lead the field, if anyone is counting that’s 5 rounds in a row on tour for Dustin with 80 or below. Tough to beat. Dustin was the only player to have an Eagle on PB Dye. He also led his Division with 8 Par Breakers (7 Birdies and 1 Eagle). Dustin can do it all, long game, short game, you name it. He led the Division on Par-3’s and Par-5’s. He went a miraculous -4 on the Par-5’s! Great Job this week Dustin, getting a Runner-Up at 1757 and a Champion Flag at PB Dye. Watch out people he’s making his move up the Player of the Year Leaderboard. Evan Twyman picks up his 2nd Runner-Up flag of the 2021 Season. Evan shot a Round 2 +5 (77). Quick and smooth, Evan is one of the longest hitters on tour. Evan led the pack in consistency playing the Par-4’s the best in the tournament. That consistency kept him rolling on his Division leading 9-hole Bogey Free Streak from holes 6-14 in Round 1. Great tournament once again Evan, that Champion flag is coming very soon!

           The Girls were also having some trouble with Hole-5 in Round 2. Leela Kenwood’s Bogey on the hole was enough to lead the field. Once again, the Girls dominated Hole-17 in Round 2. Jennifer Sorkin continued her strong run and Birdied the hole leading to her Champion finish! Jennifer led her division with 17 Pars. Jennifer was a leader in consistency and long ball play leading the Division on Par-4’s and Par-5’s. Jennifer also started the tournament off extremely hot not Bogeying a hole until the 8th in Round 1. Congratulations on your first win on Tour in 2021, Jennifer! Leela Kenwood came in as our Runner-Up and that makes 2 tournaments in a row with Runner-Up flags for her! She led her Division in Par Breakers. She also had some great short game working for her at PB Dye leading the Division on Par-3’s. Great job Leela!

            It was another double tournament week here at BJGT and we know those can be exhausting and fun all rolled into one week. We want to thank everyone who came out to PB Dye on this hot summer weekday tournament and especially those players and parents that made it out to both tournaments this week. We still have tons of tournaments this year and spots for extremely exciting Buckeye Cup are still up for grabs for those high point earners. See everyone soon!   


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