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Fall Golf in Full Affect at Mountain View

Gettysburg Junior Golf Championship


                   Fairfield, Pennsylvania October 26th, 2020 — Buckeye Junior Golf Tour was back this weekend with its first string of Fall golf tournaments for the 2020 Season. With just 3 tournaments remaining and Double Player of the Year Points on the line, this weekend at Mountain View (now called Gettysburg National Golf Club) proved to be a pivotal point in the season for the top spot of the Point Leaderboards.

                   Round 1 – Saturday, October 24th — It was an extremely foggy morning to open up Round 1. As Joseph Thoburn would say, “It was like playing at night time to start Round 1.” The players were going to have to rely on their yardage books and instinct as they hit their tee shots into the abyss. About an hour or so later however, the fog dissipated and gave us a perfect Fall afternoon in Fairfield.

                   The hardest hole for the Boys 15-19 Division in Round 1 was hole-17. Hole-17 ranks as the 7th-hardest hole on the course. The real difficulty for this hole, especially from the Buckeye-Black Tees, is having a solid tee shot. There are two lateral hazards sitting on either side of the tee box giving you a tight window to hit. Watch out for the bunker on the left! Owen Reichelderfer from right down the road in Chambersburg, PA was the only player in the entire division to pull out a Par on the hole in Round 1. The Boys were able to get back some of those lost strokes on the next and final hole of the day, as it played the easiest in Round 1. Hole-18 ranks as the 9th-hardest hole on the course. With it playing as a Par-5 from only 470-yards, the older Boys knew this was a hole that they could attack and take advantage of. Jacob Carlin from Fayetteville, PA had to one up his buddy Owen with an Eagle on 18. Owen and Jacob probably discussed their great rounds later that night while watching the Penn State game. Unfortunately, all golf talk subsided when Penn Stat somehow lost to Indiana in Overtime… Tanner Fackler from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania would continue his strong end of the Season to lead the Division in Round 1 with a 73. He was followed closely by Horace Pennix and Tanner Sadowski with 75’s.

                   Hole-14 was the toughest Hole on the course in Round 1 for our Boys 10-14 Division. After a long Par-5 the hole previous, the boys might have been a little worn out. This downhill hole has a small green tucked behind a pond. Only 3 players were able to pick up Pars. The easiest hole for the Boys was on the front nine, Hole-8. This hole is extremely difficult to the average golfer but this was one of the strongest fields we have ever seen for the Boys 10-14 Division and they dominated it. Braden DeCapite from Ellicott City, MD was the main reason this hole played so easy, his Eagle really helped bring down the average. Dylan Ramsey, a 2020 BJGT Champion, was leading the Division after Round 1 with a 71. 2 shots back was Jesse Shue, another regular top tier contender.

                   The Girls had a tough go on Hole-6 at Mountain View in Round 1. Hole-6 is super tough. It is the 2nd-hardest hole on the course. The dog-leg right in the middle of the hole can be difficult to drive. If you land on the left, your second shot will be over water and if you land on the right, you are going to have to shoot through some trees to get to the green. Landing right in the middle of the fairway is key. Erica Honadel our Player of the Year leader for Girls 14-19 right now (she also won Player of the Year for Girls in 2019), pick up a Par on this extremely difficult hole. The easiest hole in Round 1 for the Girls was Hole-3, which is the easiest hole on the course. Very simply, don’t hit it into the sand traps on this hole and you can earn a par in a variety of ways. Erica Honadel one upped that and scored a Birdie. Elle Overly from Lititz, PA shot an amazing Round 1, 79, to lead the Girls. Erica Honadel from Bel Air, Maryland followed closely behind with an 82.

                   Round 2 – Sunday, October 25th – Brrrrrrrr!!!! Welcome to Fall golf. It was cold and rainy to start Round 2 and the forecast didn’t look much better throughout the day but hey, at least there was no fog. Hole-11 played the toughest for the Boys in Round 2. It’s hard to believe this is the first time mentioning this hole. This is the 1-Handicap at Mountain View and is recognized as its signature hole. Pinpoint accuracy is needed to navigate the dog-leg left layout. Just a little off on any of your shots and you might end up in a bunker, the out-of-bounds woods, the rough or the plethora of rocks that are strategically placed throughout. Jeremy Bershak from Sykesville, MD learned from the previous day to pick up a Par, along with Evan Twyman from Hanover, PA. Changing it up, Hole-9 was the easiest for the Boys in Round 2. This is a relatively easy hole. Do not go left on any of your shots and you will be able to score well. Patrick Bush coming all the way out from Pittsburgh to play in the tournament was the only player to pick up a Birdie on the hole, helping to lower the average and make it the easiest hole on the day. We didn’t mention his name this entire press release but wouldn’t you believe it Dustin Stocksdale from Ellicott City, Maryland came in as our Boys 15-19 Champion. Wow, I am running out of things to talk about with Dustin. Earning his 4th Victory in 7 tournaments Dustin is just unbelievable. Dustin had a couple key stats for his victory. First, he led his Division by at least 5 strokes on the Par-4’s, a major ingredient for a Champion finish on BJGT. He also led his division in Par Breakers and was one of only 2 players to have a Birdie or Better Streak. With this Championship finish, Dustin Clinches Player of the Year for Boys 14-19 and it is well deserved. Congratulations on another fantastic tournament Dustin! Tanner Fackler was our Division Runner-Up. Tanner has been on quite the streak himself. In his last 2 tournaments he now has a Champion Flag and a Runner-Up Flag. Tanner had great accuracy throughout the event tying for the lead on Par-3’s. He also dominated the much easier Front-9 tying for the lead in the stat as well. Him and Dustin were the only players to have Birdie or Better Streaks. Congratulations on another great finish Tanner!

                   Hole-6 once again reared its ugly head as our Boys 10-14 Division found it to be the most difficult in Round 2. Only 33% of the field picked up Pars on the hole. On the contrary, the Boys must’ve taken notes from the Girls in Round 1 because they found Hole-3 to play the easiest in Round 2. Dylan Ramsey continued his strong performance and picked up at least a stroke on the entire field by earning a Birdie. A rivalry for many years to come, Dylan Ramsey finished strong and was able to beat Tyler Fortney by only 1 stroke to earn his Champion flag at the Gettysburg Junior Golf Championship. Dylan had some similar stats to our Older Boy flag earners. Dylan owned the Par-3’s with his accuracy going -1 on those holes. Dylan also played the easier Front-9 the best for his Division. Congratulations on earning another Champion Flag Dylan! Tyler Fortney earned his Runner-Up finish by having the Most Pars, a great stat to have. Tyler also played the best on the Par-4’s. This is almost always a great recipe for a Champion flag but he missed forcing a playoff by just 1 stroke. Congratulations on another great finish Tyler!

                   The Girls might have been a little cold to start the Round. Hole-1 was playing the most difficult for them in Round 2. Once again, Hole-3 was playing the easiest for the Girls in Round 2. Elle and Erica had Pars and Julia Shelby from Herndon, VA finished with a Bogey. Elle Overly came in as our Champion over Erica Honadel by a single stroke. Elle combined many of the key stats that were needed to win at Mountain View. She led her Division with the Most Pars, played the Par-4’s better than the competition and dominated the easier Front-9. Congratulations on your Champion finish in your first BJGT tournament Elle! Erica Honadel is a staple at the top of Leaderboards. It seems like every tournament she plays in is either a 1st or 2nd place finish. Erica had a lot of things working with her game this weekend. She led the Division on Par-3’s and Par-5’s. She also played the best on the extremely difficult Back-9. Great finish once again Erica!

                   We want to thank everyone who came out and spent their weekend with us at Mountain View Golf Club! We will be going back to Mountain View but with new ownership they have changed the course name to Gettysburg National Golf Club, just so that everyone knows for next season. The 2020 Season only has 2 tournaments left, so hopefully we’ll see you out at least one more time.


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