Notah Begay III PA Local Qualifier


BJGT has partnered with NB3 to offer a PA Local Qualifier Tournament April 9-10 at Briarwood Golf Club in York, PA!

The Notah Begay III Jr. Golf National Championship Series (NB3 JGNC) is a 2-stage qualifying process culminating in a 54-hole National Championship that will air on Golf Channel during a 2-hour broadcast. The Series is open to all players. In 2022, players who qualify through the available qualifying spots below will move onto the NB3 New Jersey Regional Qualifier on July 20-21 at Forsgate Country Club (Girls Only) and the Pennsylvania Regional Qualifier on July 19-20 at Philmont Country Club (Boys Only).

The NB3 JGNC will offer the following Qualifying Spots by Division into their NB3 New Jersey / Pennsylvania Regional Qualifier:

• Boys 15-19: (Top-3 earn Qualifying Spots)
• Girls 14-19: (Top-3 earn Qualifying Spots)
• Boys 10-14: (Top-3 earn Qualifying Spots)

*A player’s age division is determined by their age on May 1st. For example, if a player turns 14 in July of 2022, they will compete in the 12-13 Division throughout the entirety of the NB3 JGNC Series even though they may be 14 during a Local or Regional Qualifier. If a player turns 14 before May 1st of 2022, then the player will compete in the 14-15 Division throughout the entirety of the NB3 JGNC Series. If your birthdate falls on May 1st and you turn 14, you will play in the 14-15 division (This age cutoff applies for all Divisions).

*Spots are subject to change based on field size within each Division*


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