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Oakmont Green turns Blue

Baltimore Junior Golf Classic

              Hampstead, MD, May 10th, 2021 — BJGT was back at Oakmont Green for the second year in a row. This was our first tournament back in 2020 after the pandemic shutdown, so this course will always represent some sort of normalcy for us. Get your strokes in during the early part of the round at Oakmont because the Back-9 has some brutal stretches that can move early leaders down the leaderboard, and did just that on Sunday. Let’s see who was able to stay consistent throughout the tournament in this week’s press release! 

               Round 1 – Saturday, May 8th — Round 1 was cancelled due to weather. Happy 30th to Tour Director Arick Downard!

               Round 2 – Sunday, May 9th – The rain finally subsided and we were able to play some golf in Round 2!

              Ohhhh the dreaded 18th-hole out at Oakmont Green. This hole has ruined too many good rounds to count, and Sunday was no exception. An exciting hole but one of the toughest around. Our Older Boys had the most trouble with it, it played to almost a double bogey average for Round 2, yikes. OB on the left, water on the right and a narrow fairway, the ultimate trifecta for a tough finishing hole. Precision is needed to finish Oakmont out strong. Nobody was able to Birdie this 514-yard, Par-5 in our Boys 15-19 Division. The Back-9 lulls you into a false sense of security. Hole-10 was playing the easiest for our Boys 15-19. This is a short Par-5 sitting at only 455-Yards. Play the dog-leg correctly and you are going to take a lot of distance off the hole and allow yourself for an even easier shot at Birdie. Benjamin Chamberlin from Germantown, MD was back in action on BJGT this weekend one upping even a Birdie on the hole, Benjamin earned himself an elusive Eagle. Benjamin was the only player in the Boys 15-19 to record an Eagle throughout the tournament. Wesley Wang from Potomac, MD continues his strong form on tour and earned himself the Championship flag. Wesley is following up his 4th place performance out at the York Junior Golf Classic and has officially moved himself into 2nd place in Player of the Year Points with 1,440. Sitting at 11 Pars and 3 Birdies over the course of the 18-Holes really helped Wesley to his Champion spot. Wesley also used his strength off the tee to crush the Par-5’s going -2 on them in Round 2. Congratulations on your first tour win Wesley! Dylan Ramsey from Lebanon, PA was our Runner-Up finisher. Dylan continues to impress everyone as he moved up to the Boys 15-19 Division a couple of weeks ago. Dylan knows he can’t hit it as far as some of the older boys on tour so he uses his precision to get his strokes. As always, he led the Division in Par-3’s going -1 on them in Round 2. His consistency is always something to admire as well, having a 66% Par rate like Dylan always seems to cement someone at the top of the leaderboard. Congratulations to Dylan on another Trophy Flag!

          The final 3-holes out at Oakmont Green are just brutal. The Older Boys struggled with 18 and the Younger Boys had trouble with Hole-17. Sitting at just 319-Yards from the Buckeye-White Tees and with a higher handicap, this hole may look easy, but looks can be deceiving. The hole is tucked back in a corner. Lateral hazard sits on the right side and you need some precision and good putting to pull off a Par. Dallas Inch from York, PA and Tyler Fortney from Waynesboro, PA were able to pull that off and gained at least a stroke on the rest of the field. The Boys 10-14 apparently thought that Hole-5 was the easiest in Round 2. Just a short 280-Yard Par-4, a Birdie is getable on this hole. The left side is pretty treacherous with a fairway bunker and a huge greenside bunker. Avoid these and you should be just fine. The majority of the field was able to Par the hole. Jesse Shue from Columbia, PA and our Boys 10-14 2020 Player of the Year earned himself his first victory of the 2021 Season. Jesse is dominant for his Age Division and always lands inside the Top-3. He lost a 5-hole Playoff to Nolan Vogel a couple of weeks ago at Briarwood which apparently was fresh in his mind because he wasn’t going to let it happen again. Jesse had some pretty tremendous stats in the tournament with 5 Birdies, Par-3 Leader, Par-5 Leader, and Back-9 Leader. Another great performance from Jesse, congratulations! Dallas Inch was our Runner-Up. Dallas is super consistent. Dallas had an incredible 13 Pars in Round 2! This translated into a +1 on the Par-4’s. This is a familiar recipe to land at the top of a BJGT leaderboard, play consistent golf on the Par-4’s and you almost always walk away with a Trophy Flag. Congratulations Dallas!

                The Girls were having the most trouble with Hole-9 in Round 2. This is another hole that features a tough dog-leg that adds about 40 yards. A large fairway bunker sits on the left side but playing the hole to the right and trying to cut-off the yardage can make the hole extremely difficult as well. Another Bunker about 60 yards out of the from the green sits on the right side and you will have to clear that with your 2nd-shot if you decide to play the hole to the right. Lillian McNally, a local from York, PA who has played Briarwood quite a few times, knew the way to play this beast of a hole. Ending with a Par and taking at least 1 stroke on the rest of the field is the way to do it on this tough hole. The Girls started off on a roll playing Hole-1 the best in Round 2. Hole-1 has a slight dog-leg that adds a little extra yardage. Many of our girls were smart and played their tee shot over the trees. This is one of the only flat greens on the entire golf course. Lillian McNally once again showed her local knowledge being the only player to Birdie the hole. In the end however, it was Elle Overly pulling out another win on tour. Elle has a mix of consistency and power, a deadly combo if you can use them at the right times. Elle had the Most Pars in the Division with 13. Elle also played the easier Back-9 6 strokes better than her nearest competition. She also played the Par-4’s and Par-5’s the best. Congratulations on another Champion flag Elle! Cassidy Miksich from Tyrone, PA actually had the best score in the Division in Round 2 but earned Runner-Up honors. Cassidy is well known on tour and is always at the top of the Leaderboard. Cassidy played amazing on the much harder front-9 at Briarwood, playing those holes 6-strokes better than her nearest competition. Congratulations on another fantastic finish Cassidy!  

                While we wish we could have had the entire tournament this weekend, we were so happy to be able to get in Round 2 out at Oakmont Green. The staff at Oakmont is so awesome and we will continue coming back for many years to come. The BJGT Tour Championship at Penn State is rapidly approaching! We highly encourage anyone that wants to play in our Tour Championship to register early. We are going to be capping the registrations for this tournament this year so it will be first come first served. With Taylormade joining us to Sponsor the event and earning AJGA PBE Stars for the event spots are already going fast. Hope to see everyone in a couple of weeks out at Heritage Hills Golf Resort in York, PA!


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