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Restless at Reston

Washington DC Junior Golf Championship

                Reston, VA, October 4th, 2021  — BJGT was at Reston National Golf Club this weekend in the DC suburb of Reston. This is your typical Virginia course with each hole lined with OB or lateral penalty area complete with a complete of water hazards. The Front-9 seems a little more park like in the design while the Back-9 meanders through the more city part of Reston with excellent views of its buildings. Let’s see who was able to capture a little Americana magic this weekend next door to the Capital in this week’s press release.

              Round 1 – Saturday, October 2nd — We were fortunate to enjoy absolutely gorgeous weather on Saturday with temperatures hovering in the mid-70’s and the sunshine coming down on the course. Thankfully many of the trees on the course did offer players some adequate shade.    

              Hole-13 was playing the toughest for the Boys 15-19 in Round 1. Labeled as the 3rd-hardest hole on the course this douse of a Par-4 sitting at 406-yards is extremely hard to reach the green in 2 shots. Lateral penalty area sits to the right, left and behind the green so accuracy is key. The hole slightly dog-legs right in the center and a spot-on approach is needed to make sure you do not land in either of the 2 bunkers surrounding the green. A little less than 33% of the field were able to pick up Pars on this tough hole. The final hole on the course was the easiest for the Boys 15-19 in Round 1. This made for a lot of happy faces coming into the clubhouse. This a very short Par-4. But, with OB sitting on the left and right side scoring well can be tough if you do not have the accuracy working. A Birdie from local Alexander McClain from right there in Reston helped to lower the average. Noah Salmons from Leesburg, VA was atop the leaderboard after Round 1 shooting a +3 (74), with his only bad hole being a triple bogey on 17. Noah was followed closely behind by a trio of great players in Mac Arida from Gambrills, MD, Horace Pennix III from Clinton, MD and Connor Wood from McLean, VA who all shot +8 (79) respectively.

              The hardest hole for the Girls in Round was one of the harder holes on the course the 8th-hole. Sitting at just 310-yards from the Buckeye-White Tees this hole is a little confusing and wonky. The quickest way to the green is actually not in the fairway at all. If you want to get to the green the fastest you may want to play your tee shot to the right side into the semi-rough or rough and have a much shorter shot to the green. Thankfully Player of the Week Olivia Vigliante from Leesburg, VA pulled off the Par to help lower the hole average. The Girls started the Back-9 like the Boys finished it. They were playing Hole-10 the best in Round 1. This hole actually changes to a Par-5 from the Buckeye-Black Tees to the Buckeye-White Tees making it a little easier for the Girls but not much. This hole is filled with trouble. A giant rolling hill sits right at the crest of the fairway and OB is sitting on your right and left. The low hanging trees can gobble up a lot of golf balls as well. The 2 Virginia Girls Olivia Vigliante and Ann Ehrlich from Vienna, VA both picked up some awesome Birdies on the hole to get it down to a Par average for the Division. Olivia Vigliante came into scoring as the Round 1 Leader followed closely by Leela Kenwood from Potomac, MD.

             The Boys 10-14 were also having the most trouble with Hole-13. The easiest hole for the Boys 10-14 in Round 1 was the short little Par-3, 6th-hole. This is the 2nd easiest hole on the golf course. It offers a little bit of resistance with needing good accuracy as it has a large bunker on the left side and a large tree that guards the right side. Take a little club off as the hole sits slightly down-hill. Colin Ford from Burke, VA and Steven Xu from Bethesda, MD both picked up Pars on the hole to lead the division. Colin Ford led the division after Round 1. He was followed closely behind my Steven Xu and Michael Hoy a first time tournament player from Hampstead, MD.   

           Round 2 – Sunday, October 3rdA little warmer for Round 2 but with the exact same sunshine, clear skies and little wind.   

         Once Again, it was Hole-13 rearing its ugly head and playing the toughest for the Boys 15-19 in Round 2. A couple of hometown kids in Nicholas Zhu from the District of Columbia and Matthew Clark from Ashburn, VA along with our Leader Noah Salmons were the only players able to Par this brutal hole in Round 2. The Boys 15-19 started off Round 2 hot playing the easiest hole on the golf course the Par-5, 2nd-hole the best. This is a pretty straight forward Par-5 just keep your accuracy and don’t spray off left or right and you will find yourself in a good position to make a Birdie. Connor Wood took it a step further and chipped in for Eagle from about 80 Yards to really help lower the hole average. Noah Salmons continued his extremely strong performance and came in as our Champion. Noah played even better in Round 2 than in Round 1 shooting a +1, 72. Noah led his division with 8 Birdies throughout the tournament. Noah’s main strength was his driver, string together some monster shots off the tee he was able to go -2 on the Par-5’s in the tournament. He also played the much easier Front-9 5-strokes better than his nearest competitor. Great win Noah! Horace Pennix III came in as the Division Runner-Up. Horace was extremely consistent throughout the tournament. His Bogey Free Streak of 7-Holes in Round 1 helped him to climb the Leaderboard early while not making any mistakes. The consistency also helped Horace to going only +4 on the Par-4’s in the tournament overall. Great Job Horace! 

               In a wild turn of events the Girls were struggling the most in Round 2 with the hole they played the best in Round 1, Hole-10. Leela Kenwood’s Par on the hole did help to lower the average for the entire division. The Buckeye-White Tees were playing extremely easy on Hole-6 the entire tournament and the Girls had no trouble with it in Round 2. Olivia Vigliante continued her run at the top of the Leaderboard with her Birdie on the hole. Olivia was just playing too good of golf for anyone to catch her in the tournament, she finished the 36-holes as our Champion. Olivia’s 5 Birdies and 17 Pars on the 36-holes was absolutely outstanding and would be enough to win almost any event on tour. Olivia also dominated on the Back-9 where the rest of the Division struggled leading her division by 13-strokes. Congratulations on your 2nd Tour Win Olivia and 3rd Trophy Flag in the 2021 Season! Leela Kenwood was once again a fantastic competitor. Leela’s 15 Pars was only 2nd to Olivia and shows some really great consistency. Her Bogey Free Streak to start the Back-9 in Round 1 showed great mental game as she knew she was still in it in these early stages of tournament. Leela picks up her 3rd Runner-Up finish of the 2021 Season. Great job Leela!  

              Hole-17 played the toughest for the Boys 10-14 in Round 2. This is one of the tougher holes on the course. It meanders around some rolling hills and has an extremely tight fairway that you must land in to have a good score. The small green can be even harder with a back pin placement. A Bogey from Colin Ford led the group. The Boys took some advice from the Girls in Round 1 and played Hole-10 the best in Round 2. Colin Ford used his strength off the tee box for a Birdie. Colin Ford put together two outstanding rounds to come in as our Champion. Colin’s consistency and ability to Par even the toughest of holes out at Reston really helped him to take control of the Leaderboard and stay on top. His driver was working really well as he dominated the Par-4’s and Par-5’s. Colin earns his 2nd Champion Flag of the 2021 Season. Steven Xu came in as our Runner-Up. Steven was the opposite of Colin where as he had his short game working really well and played some really great golf on the Par-3’s. Congratulations on your Runner-Up finish in your 1st BJGT tournament Steven!

             It was a great year out at Reston, which was made even better by the fantastic weather. Tucked right in the middle of a lot of our Members from the Mid-Atlantic Region we will be going out to Reston next year. 1st Ballot Invitees for the Buckeye Cup had a lot of registrations but now we are moving to 2nd Ballot Invitees. This stage will offer a First Come, First Serve registration process for anyone from the 1st Ballot and 2nd Ballot so sign up fast if you want to come out! We still have 2 tournaments left in the Baltimore area before the 2021 Season finishes as well and point standings after that will open up a 3rd and 4th Round of Ballot Invitees to the Buckeye Cup if you your Regions team is not filled yet.  




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