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The 2nd Annual Buckeye Cup

The Buckeye Cup

                 Wheeling, WV, November 7th, 2022 — The 2nd Annual Buckeye Cup this weekend and boy was it a blast. We had so many of our great members and players from all over the Mid-Atlantic competing in a Ryder Cup format event. This event was held at the beautiful Oglebay Resort-Jones Course nestled at the top of the mountains in Wheeling, West Virginia. The Juniors got to play 54-Holes consisting of Fourball, Foursomes and Singles Match Play in this one-of-a-kind tournament. Check out the press release below to catch some of the highlights and see who was able to bring home the 2nd Annual Buckeye Cup!

Color Table for you to Follow Along with what regions players are from without us repeating it 100 times in this press release.

Eastern Pennsylvania Maryland
Western Pennsylvania Virginia/Wildcard

              Round 1 & 2 – Saturday, November 5th — Wow, could we have asked for better weather the first week of November? Mid-60’s to start the round in the morning reaching a high of 80 as our rounds progressed into the Afternoon and early evening.

              We started Round 1 off with Fourball. This consisted 2 pairs of partners from differing regions taking each other on. The format is simple as you take the best ball between you and your partner. It allows you a little comfort knowing if you have a bad hole you can still count on your partners score. Our first match of the day started off with a bang as Reed Krosse and Gavin Goodrich took on Nick Baum and Landon Baker. Going into Hole-18 this Match was All-Square so the winner of the hole could gain a whole point for the region, creating a lot on the line. Hole-18 is a tough Hole out at Oglebay but Nick Baum came in absolutely clutch picking up a Birdie and winning the hole for Western Pennsylvania, gaining a huge point early in the tournament. Another great match was Jesse Shue and Mason Tucker taking on Will and Campbell Koegler, two brothers in a real barn burner. Jesse and Mason were 1-Up going into Hole-18. The Koegler brothers were trying to salvage a .5 point for Team VA/DC/WC as they took Hole-17. In the end Jesse and Mason pulled out a much-needed Par as the Koegler brothers could only muster a Bogey, leading to a huge 2-Up point for Team East Pennsylvania. In another 1-Up Match a pair of Boys 15-19 in Patrick Carl and Michael Mooney took on the dynamic Boys 10-14 duo of Joshua Rusmisel and Ethan Bobonski. This match featured an astonishing 12-holes where the match score was Tied. The group went into Hole-9 (they started on the Back-9) with the Match All-Square. Carl and Mooney didn’t play their best on the hole but a Bogey was all they needed to win the hole and Match, earning Team Maryland their first point on the day. Another great match featured Boys 10-14 Player of the Year Lawson Leeper paired with 1 of the only 3 people that have gotten a Hole-in-One on BJGT Bryn Krosse taking on Joshua Vendemia and Jack Laur. Lawson and Bryn took a huge lead early in the match going 4-Up through 5 Holes. Josh and Jack made a heck of a comeback though as it took them 17-Holes but they lowered the gap to Lawson and Bryn being just 1-Up as they entered Hole-18. Lawson came in clutch with his Bogey putt on Hole-18 however to secure a 2-up win for Team East Pennsylvania and earned them another crucial early point. In the final match of Fourball it was Ty Swann and Justin Oler taking on Cassidy Miksich and Jack Edwards. Cassidy and Jack never once gave away the Match lead in the entire round but Ty and Justin were sticking around the entire time leading Cassidy and Jack to being just 1-Up as the match entered Hole-9.Cassidy and Jack got in the zone knowing they simply had to Tie the hole to earn their team a point and they ended up doing even better by winning the hole with a Par, to finish the match 2-Up, and end our Fourball matches.

Standings After Fourball

East PA West PA Virginia/WC Maryland
5 3 2.5 1.5

                 We finished the day off with 9-Holes of Foursomes that would be continued on Sunday Morning. Foursomes is just you and your partner alternating shots. Foursomes can be a bit more difficult because no matter what you have to count on your partner for at least half the shots and if both of you aren’t in sync early you can find yourself to far down to make a comeback when you do get in a groove. The first match to go off Hole-10 of Foursomes was a good one. It was Gavin Goodrich and Ryan Thomas taking on Tim Burke and Hank Lewis. This match was tied through the first 9-Holes and stayed 1-Up to Thomas and Goodrich until the 15th-Hole. Goodrich and Thomas were able to close out Burke and Lewis however, after winning back-to-back holes and finishing the match at 3&2. Jesse Shue and JP Radwanski took on Landon Baker and Matthew Karpeal in another great Foursomes Match. This was another match that was tied after 9-Holes but the Match was so good it stayed that way until the 15th-hole. Hole-6 on the front seemed to be the make-or-break hole for a lot of teams this weekend and that was just what happened as Shue and Radwanski were able to win that hole and the next to force a Dormie going into Hole-8. They knew that they just had to tie Baker and Karpeal on one of the holes to win the match and that is exactly what happened as Jesse and JP secured the win at 2&1. If you went off Hole-10 in Foursomes you were most likely in for a good match as it seemed like pairing after pairing were going into the final holes either tied or with slim leads. That is exactly what we saw with our 3rd to last match of the day as Joshua Vendemia and Ty Swann took on Jack Edwards and Henry Manciu. This match went into the final hole with Edwards and Manciu 1-Up, so they knew they just needed a tie or a win on the hole to grab a point. Edwards and Manciu were able to pick up a well-deserved Par to win the Match 2-Up. Our 2nd to last match of Round 2 Foursomes featured Bryn Krosse and Vivienne Powers taking on Sean Karg and Morgan Erdmann, who made the trip all the way from Ohio. Krosse and Powers took a dominating lead going 4-Up through 8-Holes. Karg and Erdmann were able to fight their way back throughout the Back-9 though as the match sat 1-Up Krosse and Powers going into 18. Krosse and Powers regained their composure knowing they just needed a tie on the hole but instead pulled out a win to take the match 2-Up and lead Team East Pennsylvania to another point. Team East Pennsylvania went a ridiculous 6-0 in Foursomes matches not dropping a single point. The team had major confidence going into Round 3 Singles Match Play.

Standings After Foursomes

East PA West PA Virginia/WC Maryland
11 7 3 3

Round 3 – November 6th – Wow, another beautiful Fall day for us. The wind picked up and a tiny 5-minute spurt of rain came out but other than that it was an awesome day to finish up.               

                 The juniors finished out The Buckeye Cup with Singles Match Play. An early great match in Singles saw Mac Arida versus Landon Baker. These two were back in forth the entire round with someone winning every single one of the 18-holes. A crazy stat in Match Play. The Match was 1-Up to Arida going into 18, but knowing there was no ties yet thru 17-holes Mac knew he was in for a fight. He was to secure a Par on the tough 18th to bring home a huge point for Team Virginia/DC/WC. Another great match saw Noah Segui taking on Hank Lewis. Early in the Round Lewis was 4-Up through 6-holes. It was not looking good for Segui. However, Noah has some fight in him, bringing the score back to All-Square by the time the Boys were going into the 18th-hole. Much like his predecessor Mac, Noah pulled out a huge Par on the 18th-hole to earn Team Virginia/DC/WC another huge point in Singles Match Play. Campbell Koegler did not have an easy match the entire weekend. One of only 3 players to play all 54-Holes. His Singles Match Play went into the 18th-hole as well versus Patrick Carl. This Match was back and forth the entire Round and was All-Square going into the 18th-hole. Once again, Carl picked up a huge Par to take home a much-needed point for Team Maryland. Huge congrats to Patrick who went 3-0 in his matches this weekend and brought Maryland 3 huge points in The Buckeye Cup. Patrick just keeps getting better and better every year and he is someone to watch out for in the 2023 Season. Probably the best Match of Singles Matches saw JP Radwanski taking on Samuel Thome. Although this match started off with a lot of hole wins the Back-9 is where the action really started, as neither player got better than 1-Up on the other. JP was 1-Up going into the final hole and he knew he just needed a Tie or Win to take home an insurance point for Team East Pennsylvania. JP did his part picking up a Par and earning that crucial point for Team East Pennsylvania. JP is another player that played a ton of holes this weekend. No match came easy for him but he won every single one of them. He earned the Team East Pennsylvania signed state flag for his Team for all his extremely hard work this weekend. Huge congrats to JP! Another great match saw Chase Loden taking on Hunter Haines. This match featured 5 All-Squares through the first 9-Holes. Loden got in a groove though however to start the Back-9 eventually going 4-Up on Hunter. Hunter fought back in a very short amount of time though. The Match was Loden 1-Up going into the final hole. Both players had a chance to take the final hole but it was a Double Bogey tie to end it and Loden taking home 1-point for Team Maryland.   

            As you can tell there where a ton of highlights from the Buckeye Cup this weekend. This Ryder Cup style tournament has seemed to bring us some amazing matches in just 2 years. We cannot wait to do this again in 2023. Huge congrats to the entire East Pennsylvania Team as they secured 21 points out of a possible 24. A record that will surely stand in the Buckeye Cup for many years. Thank you for another great Buckeye Cup. Final standings are listed below:

East PA West PA Virginia/WC Maryland
21 12 9.5 5.5

              Thank you all for another great season! We are super excited to release our 2023 Schedule here in the next month and we hope that many of you will come join us!



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